Contemporary Literacy in Contemporary Kids

C.E. Rivas Luna (Spain)

3Colegio Rivas Luna is a municipal comprehensive school in L’Eliana, 30 km away from the city of Valencia. We have currently 700 students, and we provide education at all levels: pre-school, primary, secondary and upper secondary. Ours is a centre with a friendly atmosphere where a loving and caring attitude is used as the basis for the upbringing of the smallest children. We seek to arouse a desire to learn rather than force children into something they dislike.

We live in a society which is increasingly pluralistic and which requires both teachers and schools to promote social cohesion whilst respecting all the different educational values. In this respect, our school is undertaking a plurilingual project where our students both in primary and secondary school learn different subjects not only in English but in Valencian dialect.

At the secondary stage, our students are offered a possibility to choose the most suitable study program matching their educational and training needs. Among the programs are science and technology, health, humanities and arts. This way, our students can extend their scope of activities as the first step to further universities studies.

After several years of hard training, our school has been awarded as ‘The First Expert School’ in whole Spain, certified by The Official School of Educational Psychologists. Also, our school has been recently recognized as the second best secondary school in Valencia, thanks to the PISA results, which are taken every year by secondary students in many countries.

We have already participated in several European programs, and such experience has increased the skills and abilities of our trainers, teachers, practitioners and all representatives at all levels. We feel that transnational projects enable to develop, share, test and disseminate efficient learning practices originating in many countries of Europe. Also, we regard a European partnership as a true tool of intercultural dialogue, mutual learning, and experience sharing to help the students grow independent, employable, active and competitive in future life.

We bring in competence in down-to-earth learning and teaching practices, along with foreign language instruction. We run the implementation activities of our partnership.

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